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our_team_2eMind academy always consider boosting the talents of children who have the passion on latest technologies and mathematics. We train the kids with technology which was used in ancient civilization and culture, which is designed to make mathematics an easiest and interesting subject with lot of fun from a serious complicated subject for kids.

Mathematics is a basic subject for all kind of examinations, if it is in Engineering and Medical entrance ,Government sector exams like PSC or Civil service, Banking sector, Defense sector, Mathematics is a basic common subject to win all these, to achieve yours or your kids goals mathematics is a basic need. Now how we make this complex mathematics to easiest subject for that eMind academy follow the ancient technology called Abacus and Vedic Maths.


ABACUS.... Vedic maths...!!!????


Abacus is a calculating tool used in Russia and china in centuries before. The use of the word abacus dates before 1387 AD, when a Middle English work borrowed the word from Latin to describe a sandboard abacus. Abacus history is very wide and it spread over Mesopotamian(2700-2300 BC), Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Chinese, India, Roman, Japanese, Korean, America, Russia etc. And binary abacus is used to explain how computers manipulate numbers .

Vedic maths...!!!????
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